Rachel Stevens



As you know, I’m an ambassador for WaterAid and support them in raising awareness and funds throughout the year.


After visiting some of their projects in Ethiopia it brought home the sad reality of the issues that communities without water face, on a daily basis and I am compelled to help the charity in achieving their goals.

So, this Saturday is World Water Day. We can all do our bit to help whether it’s by making a donation - however great or small or by pledging your support to the fantastic campaigns that they champion.

This week I pledged my support for their #EveryoneEverywhere campaign. It’s a very simple and effective way to help and you can do it too - it only takes a few seconds.

By pleading my support my name was then illuminated (along with others) in Canary Wharf on WaterAid’s virtual waterfall (pic above!)! The campaign is to help make clean water a reality for EVERYONE around the globe by 2030, and as you know it's a cause really close to my heart.

Having seen the impact that a lack of clean water has, first hand, it really brings home how important it is that we help where we can. Having clean water is a basic need to survive and we no doubt take it for granted as it isn’t a problem that most of us have to deal with. It impacts on the lives of those who live without it on many, many levels from a basic struggle to stay alive, to healthcare, education and hope.

If like me, you would like to pledge for clean water for Everyone Everywhere and have your name projected on the waterfall in Canary Wharf, or if you’d simply like to find out more about what WaterAid do, please visit their website. http://www.wateraid.org/uk/get-involved/world-water-day


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